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Fan Of The Month - Lyric Arnold

June 01, 2020 1 min read

Lyric Arnold - Aspiring Paleontologist 

Q: What is your name? 
A: Lyric Arnold

Q: When did your love of dinosaurs begin? 
A: 5 years old

Q: What is your favorite dinosaur? 
A: Spinosaurus

Report by Lyric Arnold

Q: Do you have a favorite dinosaur fact? 
A: Anything including dino's.

Q: Which series of dinosaur movies do you prefer? 
A: Real shows and documentaries

Q: Why do you prefer these movies? 
A: To help learn about paleontology

Q: Last but not least, if you had the option to bring dinosaurs back to life, would you do it and why? 
A: No because would be to dangerous

Lyric's mom, Mistie, often posts the latest dinosaur updates from Lyric at:
@mistieriver Twitter

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Angela Bice
Angela Bice

November 20, 2020

I may be a touch partial since I’m Lyrics grandma, but this young lady is incredible and very driven! Even has her own YouTube channel@bones the dinosaur girl. She makes us so proud!

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