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The Ultimate Happy Birthday T-Rex Party (For Kids)

April 25, 2020 5 min read

The Ultimate Happy Birthday T-Rex Party (For Kids)

Happy Birthday T-Rex

Are you looking to throw the ultimate birthday for your T-Rex loving kid? Look no further! We've compiled a step by step list of everything you need to throw the best T-Rex Birthday. Within each of the steps, we've included a handful of examples so that you can quickly act on so that you can create a Happy Birthday for your T-Rex fan. 

 Table Of Contents

  1. Happy Birthday T-Rex Invitations
  2. T-Rex Birthday Decorations
  3. T-Rex Birthday Games & Dinosaur Activities
  4. Happy Birthday T-Rex Cake
  5. T-Rex Birthday Gifts
  6. Happy Birthday T-Rex Party Favors


    Step 1: Happy Birthday T-Rex Invitations

      The first step in throwing the best t-rex birthday party starts with the invitations. You don’t want ordinary birthday party invitations, you want ones that make your guests excited and get them in a roaring dinosaur mood. The more excited your guests are for the t-rex birthday, the better the energy of the birthday party. Your kid is already going to be ecstatic for his t-rex birthday party, but using these t-rex birthday invitations will help drive the excitement of their friends. 

      For the best T-Rex birthday invitations, we recommend two different options.

      Self Writing T-Rex Happy Birthday Invitations 

      T-Rex Birthday Invitations
      20 Count T-Rex Birthday Party Invitations


      Handwrite your own dinosaur birthday invitations. This is great for those who are a little bit less tech-savvy than our next option. In addition, since you can order through Amazon Prime, they will arrive super fast. Great option for last minute birthday invitations. 

      Edit T-Rex Birthday Invitations Online & Print

      Happy Birthday T-Rex Birthday Invitations

      Editable & Printable T-Rex Birthday Party Invitations

      This option allows you to customize the invitations directly online and have them printed out for you. Create dynamic and fun t-rex invitations to really spice up the dinosaur birthday party. The downside here is that they take a little longer to ship, but if you're planning in advance, this creates a dinosaur invitation for the ages.  

      Step 2: T-Rex Dinosaur Birthday Decorations

      Next you want to make sure to create the jurassic vibe with dinosaur decorations. This really helps set the scene for the t-rex birthday party. There are already pre-made packs of t-rex decorations which make it super easy to decorate for your kids birthday party, but you can also shop for each piece yourself. 

        Dinosaur Birthday Party Decorations

        90 Piece Dinosaur Decoration Set

        This t-rex birthday decoration set comes with 90 different pieces. It helps set the mood with forest themed balloons, as well as inflatable dinosaurs such as the T-Rex, Brontosaurus, and Triceratops. It also has a Happy Birthday banner which is great to let everyone know it's your t-rex birthday.  


        Dinosaur Decorations For A T-Rex Birthday

        94 Piece Dinosaur Decoration Set

        This 94 piece set is great for younger kids. It comes equipped with dinosaur masks for your party to stomp, smash, and roar around the house. Well, hopefully not smash (no promises). This also comes with dinosaur birthday cupcake toppers, which we'll cover a little bit more later. Another nice addition to any t-rex birthday is our Happy Birthday T-Rex Sticker.


        Hanging Dinosaur Decorations

        30 Piece Dinosaur Hanging Swirl Decorations

        This hanging dinosaur decoration set is a fan favorite of all t-rex birthday's. As you can see, it comes with vibrant, and happy dinosaurs swinging from the ceiling. The only downside here is that the kids love them so much that they don't stay attached to the ceiling for too long! But that's hardly an issue, because the kids love them. These truly make for a happy birthday.

        Inflatable T-Rex Toy For Birthdays
        37 Inch Inflatable T-Rex Toy
        Wait, wait, wait, and look no further than here! The absolute hit of the birthday will be this inflatable T-Rex. Watch your kid pretend to be t-rex as they run around with this t-rex roaring away! A great addition to all t-rex birthday's. 


        Dinosaur Plates For Birthdays

        16 Guest Dinosaur Birthday Party Plates

        Of course, you're going to need some dinosaur plates, cups, and utensils for your t-rex birthday party. Here we just recommend heading to amazon and finding your favorite design. There's many options out there. 

        Step 3: T-Rex Birthday Games & Dinosaur Activities

        DIY T-Rex Birthday Dig

        Excavation dinosaur toys

        Buy At Jurassic Apparel

        What kid doesn't get excited for dinosaur fossils? Here we have the dinosaur equivalent of bobbing for apples. Set up an excavation site in your backyard! All you need are some dinosaur fossil toys, a bucket of sand, and some brushes! Image courtesy of justaddconfetti.com

        Dinosaur Piñata

        T-Rex Pinata For Birthday

        T-Rex Birthday Piñata

        This one speaks for itself. Who doesn't enjoy a dinosaur piñata on their birthday? Fill it up with some smaller dinosaur toys and some kid favorite candy and you'll have yourself a smashing success. Get it? Smashing... success... 


        Pin The Tail On The T-Rex

        Pin The Tail On The T-Rex

        Another spin on a classic birthday party game is Pin The Tail On The T-Rex. It's a good thing this dinosaur doesn't bite back!

        T-Rex Tail Stomp

        This is a bonus game. Take the balloons that you have from your decorations. Tie them to strings and tie the strings around the kids. The goal of this game is to stomp around like a T-Rex and pop the other kids balloons. Trust me, it's a riot to watch! 


          Step 4: T-Rex Happy Birthday Cake

          Happy Birthday T-Rex Cake Topper

           Happy Birthday T-Rex Cake Topper

          Now, a dinosaur cake is vital for a good dinosaur party. Unfortunately, we're not all top-chef bakers. One way to spruce up any t-rex birthday cake is with this t-rex birthday cake topper. Simply stick it into the top of any cake and you have yourself an awesome T-Rex cake. 

          Birthday Dinosaur Cupcake Toppers

          12 Dinosaur Birthday Cupcake Toppers

          Deciding to go with the t-rex cupcake route? These dinosaur cupcake toppers are a perfect way to turn an ordinary birthday cupcake into a dinosaur birthday cupcake! 

          Step 5: T-Rex Birthday Gifts

          Now this is where Jurassic Apparel shines. Looking to make it a really happy birthday for your t-rex fan? We have clothes that kids rave about. First, you can't go wrong with some dinosaur shoes. 

          Dinosaur Shoes 

          Dinosaur Shoes For Boys For Birthday

          Mixed Up Dino's - Dinosaur Sneakers

          Dinosaur Shoes For Kids

          Jurassic Stencil - Dinosaur Sneakers

          Dinosaur Shoe For Girls

          Watercolor Dino's - Dinosaur Sneakers

          Dinosaur Shirts


          Dinosaur Toys


          Bite 'N Fight Tyrannosaurus Rex

          If there's one thing that kid's have an endless love for, it's dinosaur toys. While we don't carry branded items like the Jurassic World T-Rex above, Jurassic Apparel does have some great dinosaur toy options for birthday gifts!

          Step 6: T-Rex Birthday Favors

          Adopt A Dinosaur Bin

          12 Pack Of Realistic Dinosaur Toys

          From our friends over at 100layercake create an 'Adopt A Dinosaur' bin for your guests to adopt one of their favorite dinosaurs when the birthday party is over. Fill it with these realistic dinosaur toys and your guests will have a toy to take home that will remind them of your t-rex birthday party. 

          Dinosaur Tattoos

          40 Dinosaur Tattoos For Kids



          Dig a Dozen Dino Eggs Kit (12 Eggs)

          Ok, last but not least for the T-Rex Birthday party favors. Was the DIY Dinosaur Excavation a hit? Send your guests home with some more excavation fun with this dinosaur eggs. Each comes with their own excavation tools to dig out one of your favorite dinosaurs. 

          We hope all of our tips lead to the greatest t-rex birthday party your kid could imagine! And please with your kid a Happy T-Rex Birthday from us at Jurassic Apparel!


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